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Changing Career

Are you looking for a change in career, the recent economic down turn has been a determining factor and many have been looking for a change in career for one reason or the other. The first thing to do would be to update your CV, now while most potential employers will ask for qualifications dont be put off because in more cases than you can imagine it is not the determining factor experience can often far outweigh those with none. It is important to note that every industry is different, for examples in some industries the government insist on a minimum level of qualification often for health and safety issues, or when dealing with young or vulnerable members of our community.

The government have a duty of care and exercise their authority in the private as well as public enterprise if they foresee risk of abuse. In many ways the government acts like a residential security guards, who sole purpose is to ensure the safety of their residents.

When this is not the case, employers would prefer someone who is in the position to bring a wealth of experience and hit the ground running as opposed to someone who may have all ...

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